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The Youth Initiatives Working Group is one of six provincially-led task groups under the Atlantic Workforce Partnership. Its mandate is to work on shared supports to youth retention, particularly related to labour market attachment opportunities. Improving labour market planning for youth, opportunities supporting transitions to work, and employer engagement on youth hiring represent areas of interest in collaborative work for all four Atlantic Provinces.

The Youth Initiatives Working Group undertook a review of innovative and successful industry-led recruitment and retention strategies targeting youth as one of its key 2016-2017 work plan deliverables. Produced in October 2016, the Youth Recruitment Strategies Research Project’s Final Report addresses the following objectives:

  • Summarize the labour market context of youth (Atlantic provinces and Pan-Canadian);
  • Identify innovative and successful recruitment and retention strategies implemented by industry (Atlantic, Pan-Canadian, and International);
  • Summarize potential challenges and gaps identified by key stakeholders (Atlantic, Pan-Canadian and International); and
  • Identify youth recruitment and retention strategies that may be utilized to inform areas of future collaboration.

Click here to view the Youth Recruitment Strategies Research Project: Final Report.