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The Council of Atlantic Premiers (CAP)

The Council of Atlantic Premiers was formally established on May 15, 2000 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on Regional Cooperation. The Council is committed to identifying and pursuing regional opportunities that will benefit Atlantic Canadians as well as the joint promotion of the Atlantic region on the national and international stages. The Council of Atlantic Premiers’ predecessor, the Council of Maritime Premiers, was created in 1971 and continues to administer initiatives that are Maritime in scope.

The mission of the Council of Atlantic Premiers is to:

  • promote Atlantic Canadian interests on national issues by seeking to establish common views and positions and working to ensure that Atlantic Canadians and their interests are well represented in national debates;
  • strive to provide a climate in which Atlantic Canadians can fully participate and be competitive in the global economy, benefit from quality social services, and continue to enjoy the quality of life and environment that is unique to Atlantic Canada; and
  • work with all their partners to foster and promote a sustainable and prosperous future for Atlantic Canada within a strong and united Canada that respects the diversity and equality of all its regions.

The mandate of the Council of Atlantic Premiers is the:

  • development of common Atlantic Canada positions for the Council of the Federation Meetings and First Ministers’ Meetings;
  • development of common Atlantic Canada positions on national issues;
  • joint promotion of the interests of Atlantic Canadians;
  • coordination of joint activity in areas of mutual agreement, including but not limited to, trade promotion, federal-provincial fiscal arrangements, and economic and social cooperation; and
  • coordination of joint analysis and review of economic, fiscal, social, cultural, and environmental programs and policies which affect or concern the Atlantic provinces.